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Integrative Counselling
in GuilDford

Whether you are struggling to cope with specific issues and need support, or want to explore and reappraise your life in some way, choosing counselling can be a helpful and healing approach to change.

To gain some insight and self-acceptance, or to have space to think about your thoughts and feelings is sometimes easier in the safety and boundaries of a therapeutic relationship.

Perhaps you feel ‘stuck’ and seek to work with problematic patterns of relating to others.

Maybe there are patterns that keeps repeating themselves despite your best efforts to feel or behave differently each time. Our histories, cultural and family backgrounds effect how we show up in the here and now of today. Counselling can help to shift our experience of life and the people, places and things that constantly trip us up.

If you have decided you want to explore counselling, or revisit it again, you will find an introduction to my approach below, but for further information or any questions, please do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I am an integrative
counsellor and have
been working with
adults on a one-to-one
basis since 2014. Prior to this I have worked in both the corporate world and non-profit sectors and have been self-employed for eight years. During this time, I have followed my passion for being and working in the natural world and of exploring with others the human capacity to recover and grow. I am an experienced meditator, a beginner yoga practitioner and a fellow traveller in what seems an increasingly confused and divided world. 


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